The AFWW Logo Explained

The Cornerstones

Upon the following nine cornerstones, listed in alphabetical order, we can build the more stable and less violent world we desire, a world where young men follow their dreams to the stars and not to the bloody fields of war and young women create lives of beauty rather than struggle to repair lives ripped apart by killing.

AFWW logo

The Figure

The figure is built by intertwining silver and gold around the view of humanity's shared home, the earth, taken from space by Apollo-17. The intertwined ribbons that form the border symbolize the partnership of women (silver) and men (gold) that is essential for us to build a warless future. Neither sex alone can establish or preserve a warless future: men, because they cannot resist aggressive male bonding and an urge for dominance that can be used to create soldiers for armies; women, because they prefer social stability and will not eagerly overturn the social order, something that is necessary in any revolution, even a positive one.1  

But when men and women work together as equal partners, male inclinations for war will be restrained, female inclinations for negotiation will be unleashed, and we can leave to future generations a world in which war eventually becomes a grim memory from an earlier, and often dark, past.


1 Hand, Judith. 2003. Women, Power, and the Biology of Peace . San Diego, CA:
     Questpath Publishing. This books is available as a FREE download at

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