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SHIFTNew Book! "SHIFT: The Beginning of War, The Ending of War"

Kindle Readers: Shift is also available to download now.

This is a book that takes belief in the inevitability
of war apart.

"I hold deep admiration for the great pioneering work of Dr. Judith Hand for a world without war which is possible when people believe passionately and work for it. Shift explains “Why” and How”.
- Mairead Maguire, Nobel Peace Laureate

Is making war inevitable? Why do we make war? Have we always made war? If we havenít, when and why did we start? Shift explores why our time in history is poised to put an enduring end to a brutal cultural phenomenon. It presents a strategy for how to accomplish a Great Cultural Transformation. Learn more.

New Video! "Ending War, Sexual Dimorphism and Human Destiny"

In this video, Evolutionary Biologist and Peace Ethologist Dr. Judith Hand provides a well-researched, comprehensively documented outline for how we can achieve what no people before us could: a future without war. In it she presents a cutting-edge perspective on the human desire to build a "better" future, one that is more just, nurturing, and without the destruction and waste of war. The supporting rationale is presented, from a biological and anthropological perspective, for two necessay changes the global community must make to make the wish a reality: the need to establish a global peace system and to embrace parity governance.

Video: "Ending War is Achievable. Five Reasons Why"

This presentation offers a compelling explanation for how humanity can end the cycle or war. It does this by attacking head on the five main reasons for skepticism by 1) demonstrating that war is NOT "in our genes" and hence inescapable; it is a product of culture, 2) listing six major cultural changes that began roughly 700 years ago that make this time in history uniquely poised to end war, 3) pointing out that we recently have uncovered the conditions necessary for setting up enduring peace systems, which gives us now the knowledge needed to set up a global peace system, 4) countering with specific examples the debilitating notion that ending war would take so long activists could not remain motivated to do it, and 5) laying out over two dozen pivotal trends in global behavior and attitudes that are already moving us toward a global peace. "Ending War" is also published and available as an essay in text format on the AFWW blog at afww.wordpress.com.

  1. Join and support an organization that is doing Constructive or Obstructive work to shape a better future. For examples, see our AFWW links page.

  2. Contact decision makers. Use our social media links to contact politicians, heads of NGOs, trend setters and tell them you are convinced we could shape a less violent future, but we'll need leaders like them to make it happen.

  3. Tell Everyone. Our film should convince you that we can create a future without war. Tell people—friends and acquaintances—"we can end war, if we decide to do it."

What People Are Saying

"Judith Hand is doing remarkable and important work on this pivotal point. Do yourself a favor and watch her trailer to learn about why we need to work on the culturally brainwashed attitudes we hold about war. The threads of our culture (us!) need to be strong if the fabric is to last." ~ Peter Alsop via YouTube

"Original thoughts about an age-old problem that might annihilate our planet. At the very least, Dr. Hand challenges global conventional wisdom that now looks like a rabid dog chasing its tail." ~ Art via YouTube

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