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A Future Without War

SHIFTNew Book! "SHIFT: The Beginning of War, The Ending of War"

This is a book that takes belief in the inevitability
of war apart.

"I hold deep admiration for the great pioneering work of Dr. Judith Hand for a world without war which is possible when people believe passionately and work for it. Shift explains “Why” and How”.
- Mairead Maguire, Nobel Peace Laureate

Is making war inevitable? Why do we make war? Have we always made war? If we havenít, when and why did we start? Shift explores why our time in history is poised to put an enduring end to a brutal cultural phenomenon. It presents a strategy for how to accomplish a Great Cultural Transformation. Learn more.

The Movie: "No More War: The Human Potential
for Peace"

Futurist, behaviorist, and evolutionary biologist Dr. Judith Hand presents a compelling argument in her film “No More War” that if we chose to do it, we can achieve what no people before us could: a future without war. She introduces cutting edge hypotheses on the origins of cooperation, altruism and morality, indicating how they relate to the human potential for peace. The origins of war are explored, including a consideration of why men and women, in general, differ when it comes to using physical aggression to resolve conflicts. A proposal is offered that the time is right for us to mount a global, social transformation movement to abolish war. Learn more.

Take Action

  1. Join and support an organization that is doing Constructive or Obstructive work to shape a better future. For examples, see our AFWW links page.

  2. Contact decision makers. Use our social media links to contact politicians, heads of NGOs, trend setters and tell them you are convinced we could shape a less violent future, but we'll need leaders like them to make it happen.

  3. Tell Everyone. Our film should convince you that we can create a future without war. Tell people—friends and acquaintances—"we can end war, if we decide to do it."
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