"Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!"
- Goethe
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Embrace The Goal

We won't just stumble into a warless future today or tomorrow any more than we did so in the past.

Consider what would happen if you asked 100 of your friends and acquaintances if they believe we can create a warless future. If you think we can, you may be surprised, even saddened, when you learn that most people say, No, it's not possible. And if you believe it is impossible, your belief would be reinforced by the overwhelming agreement.

This lack of belief by the majority is of profound consequence. We cannot achieve any great goal unless we believe it's reachable. The interdependence of success and belief is a fundamental truth of human nature. So the Single Most Important Idea of this campaign to end war is the conviction that ending war is possible.1 We must work to create a critical mass of positive expectation that this goal is achievable.

Believing something is possible, however, is not the same as embracing it as a goal for which you will vote, donate money and time, and pay taxes. So the first and most important cornerstone of our campaign is to spread faith in this goal among powerful and common people alike in such a way that they embrace it.

It's also true that success in this, as in most if not all great endeavors, requires a leader who embraces the vision and rallies people behind it. Great leaders must embrace the goal of a warless future and inspire us to achieve something many have dreamed about and which is now, at last, within our grasp (see How Far We Have Already Come).


1 For extensive exploration from a biological perspective of the cause of war, why war
     is not inescapable, and how we could end war, see Hand, Judith L. 2003.  Women,
     Power, and the Biology of Peace
. San Diego, CA: Questpath Publishing.
     FREE download at www.jhand.com.


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